Do you love bees? You must LOVE bees. You clicked the bee. BEEEEEEES!

Congratulations on finding our hidden BEE. The Buzzworthy Trivia Trail Contest is now over. The winner of one ALL ACCESS PASS is Kyle Power. While you can no longer submit entries to win, you CAN see what the fun was all about. Below are the three Buzzworthy Trivia Trails, each with a different theme.

Some people just stumbled upon our hidden BEE in the registration logo, but others needed a clue poking them to look for it. Some of our silly social media clues included:

There seems to be something fishy on our registration page. No that’s not quite right, something… Buzzy?

Registration is now open & there seems to be something kind of f̶i̶s̶h̶y̶ BUZZY going on!

Something is still BUGGING me about the registration page. BTW, did you know ARGFest has a long history?

If you haven’t yet, you should really infect, I mean infest, I mean insect, i mean INSPECT!!! You should inspect our registration page.

our registrati*O*n page sure can BEE fun! nothing TRIVIAL about it, nope!

Have you been a BUZZY BEE? How about a BUSY BEE? Would you like to BEE? Maybe a hidden gem on our registratiOn page can help you.

Buzzworthy Trivia Trail 1 Buzzworthy Trivia Trail 2 Buzzworthy Trivia Trail 3
ILB Trivia
Opened March 11th
ARGFest History
Opened March 18th
2014 ARGFest
Opened March 25th